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About Us

Arrow Farmquip was founded in 1988 from a background of generations of farming with livestock and the land. Arrow Farmquip Cattle handling products came from an Inspiration and motivation to bring the best Livestock Handling solutions to the producer. We strive to make livestock handling easier.

We invite you to take a look and see what has developed from years of hard work, innovation and testing. We pay close attention to design and detail bringing innovation and quality to the industry. With our freight network we can ship our equipment cost effectively throughout North America. With a world wide network of manufacturing facilities in the cattle equipment industry we understand cattlemen’s needs in all parts of the world, let our experience and knowledge of cattle handling help you move forward into the future.

Arrow Farmquip is the founding member of the Global Livestock Equipment Group – a group of livestock handling equipment manufacturers that share ideas world wide.

Q-Catch 8500V

Quick, Quiet, Quality.

The New Q-Catch 8500 delivers great new features with the low-noise rump bar, removable safety handle, handy drench hook, easy access needle gate, Q-Catch Head Holder with scoop and fully sheeted rear door – all designed specifically to deliver you safe, efficient, trouble free operation.

Additional Features:

  • Full length double parallel squeeze
  • Operates from any position without adjustment
  • Push pull operation with no adjustment required
  • Cam Slam Latch Design on gates
  • 3 different head restraint options
  • Neck Extenders
  • Head Holder
  • Head Sweep
  • Rubber coated fibre-glass anti-backing bar
  • Double anti-backing ratchets
  • Fully Sheeted auto locking rear
  • sliding door
  • 5 year warranty
  • Heavy duty checker plate floor
  • Full side exit both sides
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